If you need to browse or search issues on Jira frequently and are using Chrome or Chromium browser, you may add a search engine for your project issues.

To add a search engine, right click address bar and select Edit search engines… or go to chrome://settings/searchEngines directly, and then use the ADD button.

Edit search engines...

  • To navigate to a certain issue in a given project:

    Use https://{Site}.jira.com/browse/{ProjectKey}-%s as the URL. Replace {Site} and {ProjectKey} with appropriate values.

    And recommended to use the project key as the search engine keyword, so that you can type project key + Space + issue number to search.

    For example, input TEST + Space + 1234 for issue TEST-1234.

    Add search engine

  • To navigate to issues in multiple projects using one search engine:

    Use https://{Site}.jira.com/browse/%s

  • Or more generally, using JQL:

    Use https://{Site}.jira.com/issues/?jql=%s

Then, you only need to type in the address bar the search engine keyword + Space + query.